Gdansk Business School offers first- and second-cycle studies in Polish in the following fields of study at two departments:
Department of Social Sciences:

  • Administration (Bachelor's and Master's degree)
  • Law in Business (Bachelor's degree)
  • Criminology and Criminalistics (Bachelor's and Master's degrees)
  • Pedagogy (Bachelor's degree)
  • Homeland Security (Bachelor's degree)

Department of Engineering and Management Sciences:

  • Production Management and Engineering (Bachelor of Engineering and Master of Science)
  • Management (Bachelor's and Master's degrees), also in English
  • Logistics (Bachelor's degree), also in English

In addition, the University provides postgraduate studies and courses and training.


​The University also enrols students at two branches: in Tczew (35 km from Gdansk) and in Braniewo (100 km from Gdansk).